" () The pianist has outstanding performing skills () His performance is distinguished for nobleness, consideration and constant attention to the reproduction of the nusical style ()"

"The pianist was excellent ()"

"This pianist (), absorbed in the transitoriness of colour and sophisticatedly selected moods (), reflects some of Chopin's lucidity and the colouring of Skrijabin's vibrato".

"The promising artist reminded us of his excellent education, mastery of tecgnique and of his musical maturity, which no doubt allows us to predict a very bright future for him. () The audience appreciated his clarity, precision and sensitive internalizing of execution."

"To summarize: Ferrini not only handles his instrument with a virtuoso mastery, he plays it in a manner that makes musicality entirely convincing. Great things can be expected from this artist."

"The Monfalcone born Luca Ferrini's performance is a reflection of excellent musical education (), both technique and musicality are brilliant (), he was extremely well-prepared, which contributed to the overall convincingness."

"A great success ()"

"() as a musician to whom the newest and most contemporary sounds are very closed. Ferrini performed a series of lesser-known piano pieces, written by the remarkable Zoltan Kodaly, Petr Eben and H.M.Gorecky, with his clear concept and well-balanced touch () then he skilfully analysed two of our composers ()"

In the Preludes and Nocturnes and in the Valses nobles et sentimentales Ferrini proved "the spiritual difference and the difference of the contents from Faure to Ravel with the cleverness of a light touch () Then followed the rhythm and the vigour of the Hungarian expressionist Bela Bartok. He maturely performed also his suite Out of door , the grotesque Three rondos on folk tunes , as well as his very difficult Sonata ".

"A very young but nevertheless extremely gifted boy, excellent style and very very beautiful expression and sound"

"In the comprehensive cadenza, the harpsichordist was the only exeption, standing out for his virtuosity and fantasy zeal."

" () The composer proved that he had not only mastered the Slovene language but that he had also grasped the nature of Slovene spirite. Ferrini does not indulge in polyphonic complications; his compositions are rhythmically simple and rely on the effectiveness of harmony that always manages to avoid sharpness. () Ferrini does not want to hurt his public with bold effects, neither does he search for originality at any price; in his work, the emphasis is laid on the message."

" The artist, who is equally convincing behind a harpsichord, a piano or an organ, is no stranger to the Slovene audiences. He had already enraptured us with Bach's music before. This time around, the effect was exactly the same. Supported by excellent orchestra and conductor, the soloist was more than successful."

"Excellent execution ()"

" () Luca's sensitive feeling for music is a guarantee for top-level performance of late and mature compositions of Franz Lisat, works that reflect maturing, experience and thinking."

"Extremely bright and lively performance of these sonatas, revealing the meaning of the deep evolution which goes through the rich universe of Tartini's Sonatas (...) as Tartini wanted, that so fascinating performance just makes more than ever clear."